National Wildlife Week 2023 marked for Dark sitana(Sitana fusca) conservation in Nepal

Our team members were invited to conduct sessions on “Herpetofauna Conservation and Research
Techniques” by the Agriculture and Forestry University, Katari College. We taught the university
students about the status of Nepalese amphibians and reptiles, identification keys, field research techniques, and photographic techniques. We stressed on key conservation issues for critically endangered species such as the Dark Sitana (Sitana fusca) and how the students can get involved in the ongoing research and conservation project for the same. This work is funded by The Rufford Foundation UK, Katie Adamson Conservation Fund, USA and Auckland Zoo, New Zealand.

Details https://drive.google.com/file/d/1_T5432jKdYFNlsbhkx3l30gF0cQy5SGr/view

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