Dipendra Adhikari Memorial Conservation Grant

In loving memory of the late Mr. Dipendra Adhikari, a conservationist with a blessed soul. This page pays tribute to his unwavering dedication to wildlife research and conservation and seeks to carry forward his legacy and vision for Nepal.

About Dipendra Adhikari

Dipendra Adhikari (1985-2023), a distinguished graduate with a Master’s in Zoology, contributed significantly to the realm of wildlife conservation. His extensive career included serving as a Field Biologist at ZSL-Nepal, where he played a crucial role in various conservation initiatives. Dipendra’s focus primarily revolved around small mammals and species that did not fall under the radar of contemporary research and conservation. Although he worked extensively on Hyena conservation in the central Terai, his collaborative works extend across multiple species including Tiger, Sloth bear, Dholes, Hyena, Pangolin, Fishing Cat, Rusty-Spotted Cat, Otter, Honey Badger, and Monitor Lizard. He had a deep interest in Carnivores and Rodents, with a special emphasis on Felids, Canids, and Hyenids. His expertise extended to biodiversity management and research activities, particularly for the faunal conservation of the Terai region in Nepal. Dipendra’s commitment to preserving wildlife and ecosystems has left an enduring legacy within a short time and is an inspiration for future generations of conservationists to carry forward. At NCRC, Dipendra worked as a conservation biologist.

Dipendra Adhikari Memorial Conservation Grant

In honor of Dipendra’s legacy, we have established the Dipendra Adhikari Memorial Conservation Grant. This initiative aims to continue his conservation efforts by providing support to young minds with passion and projects dedicated to exploring and safeguarding wildlife and their habitats. The grant seeks to fund student research, initiatives, and practical conservation projects that align with Dipendra’s vision.

How You Can Contribute:

You can show your support by donating to the following account.

NCRC Bank Details:

Account Holder’s Name: Nepal Conservation and Research Center

Bank Account Number: 0410153060600019

Bank Name: Prabhu Bank, Sauraha Branch, Chitwan, Nepal

Swift or IBAN Code: PRVUNPKA

GUIDELINE for Dipendra Adhikari Memorial Conservation Grant

Dipendra Adhikari Memorial Conservation Grant aims to support projects that contribute to the preservation of wildlife and their habitats in Nepal. This grant is established in memory of the late Mr. Dipendra Adhikari, a dedicated conservationist with a passion for safeguarding biodiversity. The guidelines below outline the key criteria and application process for prospective grant applicants.


  1. The grant is open to individuals only.
  2. The grant is available to Nepalese citizens only.
  3. The grantee should have his/her substantial fieldwork in Nepal.

Scope and Priorities:

  1. Studies involving threatened and data deficient species will be given preference.
  2. Studies involving hyena will be prioritized.
  3. Studies in Terai and Siwaliks will be prioritized.
  4. Graduate students in their final years of study will be prioritized.
  5. Individuals within the age of 20-30 years will be given preference.

Grant Criteria:

  1. Alignment with Scope and Goals: Proposals should align within the scope of the grant and a broader goals of biodiversity conservation in Nepal
  2. Innovation: Projects that demonstrate innovative approaches to wildlife conservation will be favored.
  3. Feasibility: Applicants should present a clear and feasible plan, outlining the project’s objectives, methods, and expected outcomes.
  4. Impact: Emphasis will be placed on projects with tangible and sustainable impacts on the targeted species or ecosystems.

Application Process:

  • The grant will be announced once a year.
  • The amount of grant will be NRs 50,000 for one individual. The number and amount of grant may be increased according to availability of funds and justifiable reasons.
  • Interested individuals should submit following documents:
    • A detailed CV
    • A project proposal (including background, significance of the project, objectives, methods, budget, timeline of activities)
    • A reference/support letter from supervisor

Evaluation and Selection:

  • Review Panel: Submissions will be reviewed by the Task Force team.
  • Selection Criteria:
    • The panel will evaluate proposals based on the scope, priorities and criteria of the grant set above.
    • Experts can be invited to review and provide suggestions on the received proposals.
    • Final decision for the award will be unanimously done by the task force.
  • Notification: Successful applicants will be notified of their selection
  • Fund disbursement: 70% of the funds will be disbursed immediately after the award of a grant and 30% will be disbursed after submission of signed copy of the supervisor.

Reporting Requirements:

  • Grantees are required to submit a final report/dissertation/thesis.
  • Progress reports are not mandatory, but recipients are encouraged to provide updates on the status of the project, challenges faced, and achievements.

Contact Information:

For inquiries or additional information, please contact Nepal Conservation and Research Center, Email: ncrc.research@gmail.com