Nepal Conservation and Research Center (NCRC) is an initiative thriving to help conserve Nepal’s natural resources through promotion of wildlife conservation, sustained eco-tourism, cultural heritage preservation, research and education. It has been registered with Government of Nepal (Reg. No. 283069/078/079; PAN: 610207172) and Social Welfare Council Reg. No. 53423; established as not-for profit institution. Our goal is to create passion for wildlife and natural resources conservation among communities and mainstream their economic wellbeing in order to obtain the support deemed to address the conservation challenges faced by Nepal’s wild fauna and flora in the changing climatic scenarios. We believe that biodiversity conservation, communities’ economic wellbeing and sustainable development are interrelated and interconnected. Therefore; our actions are focused on sustained complementary interventions to safeguard ecological integrity and economic prosperity of marginalized communities, women and socially disregarded communities with the objectives:

  • Promote community based natural resources conservation and research
  • Provide ecological/environmental education, skill based trainings to community forests, women, girls and students
  • Support livelihood schemes to marginalized, pro-poor communities, women and girls
  • Enhance ecological integrity, eco-cultural heritage conservation and eco-tourism promotion

Mission and Vision

The NCRC envisions prosperous communities with conservation instincts in order to promote community based biodiversity conservation and ensures biodiversity conservation in Nepal.


The NCRC facilitates local communities to highlight their uniqueness and synergize biodiversity conservation, research and help protect them.