Save The Frogs Day-2024

SAVE THE FROGS! Day was marked on 28 April in Madhesh Province; jointly by Nepal Conservation and Research Center and Biodiversity Research and Conservation Society in support of Save The Frogs-an amphibian conservation organization to Bishal Prasad Neupane and Katie Adamson Conservation Fund, USA.

Online Photo/Video Contest:- Prior to celebrate the day; photo and video competition was held on social media herpsNEPAL Facebook group. We received total 30 submissions (28 photos and 02 videos) from different parts of Nepal. The idea of photo/video contest is to conduct social media campaign for frog conservation. All the contestants who participated the competition will receive a recently published “Lowland Frogs of Nepal Poster”.

One of the photos submitted by photo contestants; Minervarya nepalensis by Kismat Neupane.

The Save The Frogs Day (28 April 2024):- The day was celebrated in Simara Public school and Thanimai Community Forest with activities such as frog conservation importance sessions; frog face painting; herping and nature walk at Thanimai Community Forest.

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