Biodiversity Resource Inventory

Project Highlight

Name: Biodiversity Resource Inventory

Location: Dhankuta

Target: Herpetofauna, Orchids , Medicinal   & aromatic Plants (MAPs)

Team: Bivek , Rijan  & Santosh

Biodiversity is the totality of life forms in an area with specified time. The biodiversity in Nepal continues to decline at alarming rate specially outside of the Protected Area systems. Biodiversity inventory and documentation are mostly confined to Protected Area Networks and focused on large charismatic mammalian species. The Biodiversity Resource Inventory (BRI) is a collaborative project between Nepal Conservation and Research Center (NCRC) and Biodiversity Research and Conservation Society (BRCS) Nepal. The BRI project will be implemented at Chaubise Rural Municipality, Dhankuta, Nepal and will assess lesser prioritized taxa of fauna and flora. The BRI will focus on cataloguing herpetofauna, orchids and medicinal plants as pilot project. It will provide baseline information of amphibians and reptiles as well as orchids and medicinal plants of Chaubise Rural Municipality area. The findings from BRI will help making future management decisions, identify research and management needs and resolve taxonomic impediment. Nepal Conservation and Research Center.

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